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A Little About Me


Hey! I’m Nicole Kubinski, and my favorite diner is the Woodrow Diner in Staten Island, where I’m from. I think you can tell a lot about a place by the vibe of its diner. I’m an Advertising and Digital Design student at the Fashion Institute of Technology, not a fashion design major like all my relatives seem to think. No, I unfortunately cannot sew your wedding dress, but I can design the invitations! 


My last name is Polish, but I was raised Italian. My family gets together and has a sauce day every year, where we make enough jars of sauce to last the entire extended family until the next sauce day. I’ve noticed the creative process is a lot like the sauce process. We get the tomatoes (the brief), we check the tomatoes (doing brand and market research), we mush the tomatoes (racking our brains for The Big Idea), we cook the sauce (yay! Finally getting onto something) and we jar the sauce (execution time!). And then, when we can stand to look at tomatoes again, we get to eat the sauce with the entire family (presenting to the client.) The only major difference is if my family doesn’t like what we’ve done, they get asked to leave. 


If you’d like to discuss art, copy, pasta recipes, or provide a challenger to the Woodrow Diner, please reach out!

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